Mods and Enhancements

Since the release of Homeworld Classic in 1999, fans have created modifications of the Homeworld Universe.
I guess it took of in 2003 with Homeworld 2, but as you can see below the fans do not limit themselves to a bit of custom game
graphics or some visual effects of a ship. Much can be written, I shall not, many mods are available, in resin - paper - pixels, these are but a few.

  • M.I. CompleX (MIX) 150 photos in 2 sub-albums M.I. CompleX (MIX)
  • The "Turtle", for real...WOW 22 photos The "Turtle", for real...WOW
  • Point Defense Systems 108 photos Point Defense Systems
  • R.E.A.R.M 289 photos in 4 sub-albums R.E.A.R.M
  • Homeworld Crossfire 80 photos in 2 sub-albums Homeworld Crossfire
  • Angels Fall First 555 photos in 3 sub-albums Angels Fall First
  • Models and Skins 26 photos in 1 sub-album Models and Skins