Greetings and welcome to "HWSHOTS"

I am Homdax, your host. Over the years I have kept and maintained this album for my fellow fans of the Homeworld Universe.
I began in 2005, suffered a bit of a setback in 2008, but rebuilt and now focusing on updates of content and layout.

Feel free to browse and comment, register, maintain your own album, give feedback, this is for us all!
Be warned though, this site is heavy on large images, more so than ever before and while I apologise to those with lower bandwidth availability,
I hope you understand why.

Homeworld 2 Classic Concept Art

During the years we have been a few searching for and gathering Concept Art for the original games. ÜberJumper, Buggo and others have contributed with their findings.

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  • AKarm gun08 copy 16679 hits AKarm gun08 copy
  • AK09 copy 10686 hits AK09 copy
  • AK04 copy 11038 hits AK04 copy
  • AK02 copy 12626 hits AK02 copy
  • AK shipyard04 33820 hits AK shipyard04
  • AK nebula base 12396 hits AK nebula base
  • AK lift big 10832 hits AK lift big
  • AK lazarus 20667 hits AK lazarus
  • AK jumptech flat 15367 hits AK jumptech flat
  • AK flagship old02 7552 hits AK flagship old02
  • AK flagship old01 7263 hits AK flagship old01
  • AK BattleBridge01 13154 hits AK BattleBridge01
  • AK atmo comp03 24467 hits AK atmo comp03
  • RCZ BigPicture02 ShipsandTer copy 8254 hits RCZ BigPicture02 ShipsandTer copy
  • RCZ BigPicture01 Ships jpg 21746 hits RCZ BigPicture01 Ships jpg
  • RCVeygr ArtilleryEmplacementRough 4904 hits RCVeygr ArtilleryEmplacementRough
  • RCVaygr laser corvette 4654 hits RCVaygr laser corvette
  • RCV battle carrier dark 4652 hits RCV battle carrier dark
  • RCTunnel colour 4920 hits RCTunnel colour
  • RCswoop copy 4699 hits RCswoop copy
  • RCstarNAV UI 4759 hits RCstarNAV UI
  • RCrouch to final battlescape 4755 hits RCrouch to final battlescape
  • RCredship 4662 hits RCredship
  • RCmission copy 4603 hits RCmission copy
  • RCkaros01 copy 4512 hits RCkaros01 copy
  • RCHW2 galaxy map 32580 hits RCHW2 galaxy map
  • RCcarriers02 copy 4548 hits RCcarriers02 copy
  • RCcarriers copy 4693 hits RCcarriers copy
  • RCbadger cropped 4576 hits RCbadger cropped
  • RC vibe 4670 hits RC vibe
  • RC Vaygr service depot 4645 hits RC Vaygr service depot
  • RC Vaygr probe01 4794 hits RC Vaygr probe01
  • RC V transport frigate01 5097 hits RC V transport frigate01
  • RC V mine 4965 hits RC V mine
  • RC V interceptor revised 02 4941 hits RC V interceptor revised 02
  • RC V Infltrator frigate 4631 hits RC V Infltrator frigate
  • RC V frigate01 4625 hits RC V frigate01
  • RC V battlecruiser roughB 4679 hits RC V battlecruiser roughB
  • RC trinity01 4663 hits RC trinity01
  • RC trinity system 02 4944 hits RC trinity system 02
  • RC three terrains 4817 hits RC three terrains
  • RC SS Cintiq02 03 4852 hits RC SS Cintiq02 03
  • RC rough flag vert 4671 hits RC rough flag vert
  • RC rough flag belly 4471 hits RC rough flag belly
  • RC port of Nalthor02 4364 hits RC port of Nalthor02
  • RC Port of Nalthor concept03 4310 hits RC Port of Nalthor concept03
  • RC Port of Nalthor concept02 4333 hits RC Port of Nalthor concept02
  • RC Port of Nalthor concept01 4419 hits RC Port of Nalthor concept01
  • RC pilot 4419 hits RC pilot
  • RC Nport feel 4584 hits RC Nport feel
  • RC MSsketch 4635 hits RC MSsketch
  • RC map02 4636 hits RC map02
  • RC map01 4582 hits RC map01
  • RC H Mothership 4788 hits RC H Mothership
  • RC H mothership rough 4604 hits RC H mothership rough
  • RC fleet scale 4536 hits RC fleet scale
  • RC flagship detail02 4477 hits RC flagship detail02
  • RC flagship detail01 4705 hits RC flagship detail01
  • RC derelict 4720 hits RC derelict
  • RC DC ship01 4607 hits RC DC ship01
  • RC bg test frame07 4652 hits RC bg test frame07
  • RC Balcora01 4423 hits RC Balcora01
  • RC asteroids02 4283 hits RC asteroids02
  • Incomplete-RCtanker copy 5099 hits Incomplete-RCtanker copy
  • freighter painted 4779 hits freighter painted
  • DMV fleet group front 4238 hits DMV fleet group front
  • DMV battlecruiser and frigate frontside 4082 hits DMV battlecruiser and frigate frontside
  • DMV battlecruiser and destroyer frontunder 4092 hits DMV battlecruiser and destroyer frontunder
  • DMV battlecruiser and destroyer backtop 4091 hits DMV battlecruiser and destroyer backtop
  • DM flag size 3963 hits DM flag size
  • DM flag repaired 3656 hits DM flag repaired
  • DM flag fleet 3708 hits DM flag fleet
  • DM flag f2 3733 hits DM flag f2
  • DM flag f1 3745 hits DM flag f1
  • DM flag eng 3708 hits DM flag eng
  • DM flag belly 3706 hits DM flag belly
  • DC Asteroid Base after RC 3727 hits DC Asteroid Base  after RC
  • AKturtle top05 copy 3747 hits AKturtle top05 copy
  • AKstation markered01 3942 hits AKstation markered01
  • AKnode copy 3867 hits AKnode copy