M.I.CompleX (MIX)

Words from the Project Leader, Alex Alvarez, Dec 2019

M.I. Complex (MIX) is an incomplete mod for the HW2 engine that (with permission from the asset holders) bring in several ships, weapons and features from 8 other mods and combines them into a cohesive experience that explores the possible repercussions (a SP campaign was created and scripted) of the Hiigaran/Vaygr War after Maakan’s defeat and the Hiiganans pressing to solidify their gains with the discovery of the Eye of Arran.

The mod greatly increase the armament and capability of both sides as they learn to adapt and improve their ships, armaments and tactics to get an edge over the other. Each side has special benefits and liabilities in the development of not only their ships and weapons, but their ability to gain territory, harvest resources and improve technology. It is no longer a rock/paper/scissors type of combat arrangement as the greatly increase diversity and abilities of both side’s arsenals make it far more complex and difficult to predict and overwhelm the other party. Smart tactics and timing will be paramount to achieving victory.

Proliferation is still a significant part of the game mechanics and ship combat, but it is not entirely decided by that alone. Older “weaker” ships can still be potent when properly used in the right roles and situations. It is up to the player to decide which strategy suits them best.

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