Greetings and welcome to "HWSHOTS"

I am Homdax, your host. Over the years I have kept and maintained this album for my fellow fans of the Homeworld Universe.
I began in 2005, suffered a bit of a setback in 2008, but rebuilt and now focusing on updates of content and layout.

Feel free to browse and comment, register, maintain your own album, give feedback, this is for us all!
Be warned though, this site is heavy on large images, more so than ever before and while I apologise to those with lower bandwidth availability,
I hope you understand why.

Screenshot's from Missions and Skirmishes

While I replay the game to earn all those Steam achieve-... ehmm, no, for the beauty and adventure of it, I will be saving up and adding images to this album.
I try to keep them a bit descriptive in nature. Closeups of ships, angles, lighting, maybe even artistic if you think kindly of me.

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